The embedded NVRs from Grundig are designed for installations of up to 32 cameras. The Connect range offers
a resolution of 5MP and includes a 4 or 8 port, POE switch, so cameras can be powered directly from the NVR.

The Professional range provides a resolution of up to 6MP, greater processing power and increased storage.
Each NVR will drive up to three independent monitors which are configured within a system and connected using HDMI, VGA or BNC ports. A “Digital Spot Monitor” feature allows users to display video from all the system cameras, using just the bandwidth equivalent of a single, Full HD channel. The NVRs support Grundig, ONVIF, PSIA and many other protocols, making system upgrades quick and simple.

Intelligent event and alarm management features provide rapid search functionality, automatically triggering a series of agreed actions.

Remote access for viewing and managing the NVRs is enabled using an intuitive SCMS App and SCMS PC application.



The new GRY-K4416A recorder from Grundig connects with TVI, analogue and up to 18, Full HD IP cameras.
This enables incredible system flexibility, allowing for site upgrades from analogue to TVI and IP,
or to create bespoke systems using a mix of technologies to suit operational and budget demands.

The GRY-K4416A is rack-mountable and has four internal SATA slots and one eSATA slot for storage. A NAS drive can be added if further storage is required. Configurable functions include alarm inputs for PTZ camera control; smartphone notifications; and viewing alarm triggered events on the main or multi-view, spot monitor.

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